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Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds. Having built a huge, dedicated and well deserved following worldwide over the course of the last two decades we are overwhelmed to welcome enthusiastically a most important guest at HOMEBAKE 2003. The twelfth Bad Seeds album 'Nocturama' (released in February this year) displays a renewed strength of purpose within the band, and is marked by an immediacy of recording technique and thematic diversity. Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds enter a new phase with this new album, their latest single 'He Want's You/Babe I'm On Fire' and their upcoming DVD release 'God Is In The House' - due out in August this year. The supremely crafted albums which came out towards the close of the century, 'Murder Ballads' and 'The Boatman's Call', affirmed what many have known since the band formed out of the ashes of Australian legends The Birthday Party in 1983: as an expressive force The Bad Seeds are entirely in a class of their own, and Cave is one of the few truly great, genuinely maverick songwriters and performers of the present day. NICK CAVE AND THE BAD SEEDS make their debut HOMEBAKE performance this year!

A few years ago they were still practicing their songs in a dingy garage in the southern suburbs of Sydney. Today, having sold truck-loads of copies of their debut album 'Highly Evolved' worldwide, THE VINES have conquered international markets with their Beatles-meets-Nirvana style rock. Their first single 'Get Free' won the prestigious ARIA award for 'Best Single of 2002' while their most recent single 'Homesick' is plying the airwaves from Sydney, to New York, and to London. Despite their meteoric rise and their illustrious reputation as a live act THE VINES haven't toured extensively in Australia to date. HOMEBAKE, therefore, is doubly delighted to give punters the opportunity to see THE VINES in all their glory.

In 2001 the Rolling Stone Magazine Readers Poll rated SOMETHING FOR KATE as the 'Artist of the Year', 'Best Band' and awarded them both the 'Album of the Year' and 'Single of the Year'. Their last album 'Echolalia' debuted at number one on the national ARIA charts and confirmed the band's status as one of the most popular and admired rock bands in the country. Their new single 'Déjà Vu' has been rolling around the airwaves in recent months giving us a taste of what's to come from their eagerly (& highly) anticipated fourth album “The Official Fiction”. We are extremely pleased to announce SOMETHING FOR KATE's participation in HOMEBAKE 2003.


Since their conception, Melbourne based 1200 TECHNIQUES have developed into the most energised, eclectic, yet supremely focused Hip-Hop band in the land. Not to mention one of the most in-your-face live acts you're ever likely to experience. This year the unchallengeable 'Masters of Australian Hip-Hop' are returning to play at HOMEBAKE 2003. The sly, funky groove navigating their debut album 'Choose One' provoked a socially conscious lyric from frontman MC N'famas. Everything from peace treaties to poverty, faux gangsta rappers draped in bling bling to illiterate kids downloading internet porn become topical fuel for MC Nfamas' strident rap. Their new album "Consistency Theory" will be released in October this year. You want hip-hop, rock, funk, soul, breakbeats, and mad rhymes? Why choose one, when 1200 TECHNIQUES can provide it all at HOMEBAKE 2003!

Having recently released their acclaimed third album 'Rock Music' we are extremely happy to announce that Adelaide's foremost rock'n'roll export – THE SUPERJESUS are also coming to HOMEBAKE this year. Newly reduced to three members, their latest work marks a new start for a band that refuses to stand still between albums, one that pursues evolution like a heart-stopping chord change seeks the perfect tune. They will be performing at HOMEBAKE this year rewired, recharged and reborn after their two previous platinum albums behind them.

In February this year, THE JOHN BUTLER TRIO released 'LIVING' a double live album - a snapshot of the band's career to date. The album debuted at number 6 on the national ARIA charts and cemented JOHN BUTLER as one of this country's most successful truly independent artists. THE JOHN BUTLER TRIO, a dead set festival favourite, are currently on their 'Post Natal Expression' tour which has surpassed all expectations by selling out 21 dates with some dates totally sold out on announcement to the media. Mr Butler and his mates are sure to deliver another exceptional live performance at HOMEBAKE 2003.

They've been the recipients of an incredible amount of international acclaim and adulation, and coming from Western Australia THE SLEEPY JACKSON have now astounded local music critiques with their debut release "Lovers" which merely confirms front man Luke Steele as an artist of extraordinary depth and song-writing talent. Captivating audiences nationwide with their beautifully crafted pop rock tunes THE SLEEPY JACKSON are sure to impress at this year's HOMEBAKE.

HOMEBAKE continues to showcase the best new Australian music in 2003 with the addition of THE CASANOVAS. Already this year the Melbourne three-piece have toured Australia with the likes of The Donnas and Grinspoon, while also completing a mammoth overseas jaunt with good friends The Datsuns that saw 45 shows in the UK, Europe and the US in just two months. In August they are headlining their own national tour to coincide with the release of their new single 'Let it Ride' from their debut EP 'Keep it Hot'. With the likes of You Am I's Tim Rogers and The Datsuns voicing their praise, it's little wonder THE CASANOVAS have earnt a reputation as one of Australia's premier new -capital 'R' - Rock acts: a message that has already reached overseas and will soon see the band making a lot more converts both here and internationally.

In 2000 they won an ARIA Award for Best Dance Release. In March 2001 they played a set in between Darren Emerson and Fatboy Slim in Miami to a dancing VIP crowd that included Naomi Campbell, Carl Cox and Ricky Martin. Directly after that tour of America and Europe, they have launched their ARIA Award winning album 'Sambanova' to an Australian (& international) audience and became the recipients of mass critical acclaim and popularity, which continues to this day. They are the very hip, the very groovy and the extremely talented PNAU and they have just spent almost all of this year writing and recording their highly anticipated new album titled, 'Again'. To be preceded by a brand new single 'Freshkills'. Featuring Vocal collaborators, Princess Cameille, Daniel Merriweather, Royce Doherty & musician collaborators: Rob Harris (Jamiroquai guitarist), Nicky Zinner (Yeah Yeah Yeah?s), Kim Moyes (Prop), 'Again' was recently completed in London – where PNAU mastermind Nick Littlemore is also currently working with Darren Emerson, Andy Strange, Damien Mendis (Electric 6), Lee Ronaldo (Sonic Youth). HOMEBAKE 2003 will be PNAU's welcome home show for 2003.

Each year, Homebake is renown for featuring a very special rare appearance and despite our fawning over the inclusion of the wonderful Nick Cave and his Bad Seeds, we also have to say that we are mighty chuffed to welcome to our stages another great & extremely talented Australian export whom have not only held an auspicious career path within Australia, but have also been the creators of a number of international hits. On the verge of releasing their brilliant (& haunting) new album 'Forget Yourself', we present another written welcoming ovation to legends, THE CHURCH. Not often is that day that one has the opportunity of witnessing such an incredible act on a festival line-up, however Homebake 2003 will be graced with the presence of THE CHURCH and we are excited!

Having scored rave reviews with their debut EP 'Feeling Sideways', THE MESS HALL will impart their raw, energetic, raucous rock at this year's HOMEBAKE. Jed Kurzel and Anthony Johnsen have impressed the pants off punters around the country, touring with the likes of The Jon Spencer Blues Expolsion, You Am I, Tenacious D, Rocket Science, Jet and Dallas Crane, to mention but a few. Not a bad CV for a band who's just on two years in the making!

A favourite on local dance floors, DJ, producer and recording artist Ashley Anderson – aka KATALYST has been busy creating some of the most sophisticated, well-crafted electronic beats you'll hear, his debut album 'Manipulating Agent 'is packed full of innovative sounds and vibed-up beats that's leaving live audiences begging for more. For a dose of the best soulful, hip-hop influenced breaks this side of the equator don't miss KATALYST at this years HOMEBAKE.

Triple J Unearthed winner's THE BUMBLEBEEZ join the HOMEBAKE fold with their cocktail of dirty rock sounds, hip hp rhymes and electro grooves. They've been compared to the likes of Beck, The Beastie Boys and even Sonic Youth and with a reputation for bringing on incredibly chaotic performances THE BUMBLEBEEZ will be a real treat!

Renowned for their hilarious taunts at industry peers, punkstars FRENZAL RHOMB have been stirring it up with their most recent release 'Sans Souci'. To find out who is their next victim is be sure to check out the masters of tongue in cheek punk at HOMEBAKE.

Famous for her sensational vocal performance on Josh Abraham's hit 'Addicted To Bass', AMIEL has now become a star in her own right and she's proven it with her most recent single 'Obsession (I Love You)' entering the ARIA singles chart at Number 15 (following the huge and platinum sales success of the hit single, 'Lovesong'). Her debut album 'Audio Out' set to be released in the coming months is sure to lure audiences around the country and secure a successful career for this local young lady. We are proud to be featuring the very talented AMIEL on HOMEBAKE 2003.

Set to release their new album 'Bad Blood' this month, GERLING have always been a HOMEBAKE favourite with their extreme and chaotic on stage antics. GERLING renowned for their trademark dance and rock fusion are one of our most captivating live acts, expect lots of distorted vocals, live guitar and bass, synths and the crazy samples, the future sound of GERLING is all microwaved, sticky taped and frantically mashed together! Be ready to plug in and get activated with GERLING at HOMEBAKE.

Melbourne's FOR AMUSEMENT ONLY have pushed the boundaries and definitions of musical genres to develop a brand of 'punk rock' they can truly call their own. They've built a solid reputation since their inception five years ago and you can expect nothing short of an explosive, energetic and intense live performance from these young guys when they hit the stage at this year's HOMEBAKE.

Local Hip-Hop act DOWNSYDE join HOMEBAKE this year to deliver their intricate and textured arrangements of live instrumentation, cuts and loops with tasty block party beats, potent and positive lyrical content combining radical, political, critical and sometimes satirical themes. Groove on and dig the soul, melody, beats and politics with DOWNSYDE at HOMEBAKE.

There’s always a surprise around every ‘homebake corner’ and announcement number two is no exception when we have both the privilege and honour of welcoming another iconic act…the legendary Beasts of Bourbon! Led by the awesome presence of Tex Perkins, one of Australia's long staying bands - playing, lying dormant, and resurrecting themselves in various forms for over 14 years. With each cyclonic incarnation they have assumed a different guise – from the shot-gun-garage of “The Axeman’s Jazz” to the crackling, electric gasps that was “Gone”. Given their legendary status as the kings of Australian hard rock we are thrilled that the Beasts of Bourbon are back for what is sure to be one hell of a memorable performance at Homebake this year.

In 1993 a band emerged from the Geelong music scene, wowing crowds with their uninhibited cross-pollination of music. This band, of course, was Magic Dirt. In the early years a mystique was created around the four-piece and its standing was created through extraordinary live shows and word of mouth. Today, 10 years and 4 acclaimed albums since their formation, Magic Dirt have been kicking major goals with their new album ‘Tough Love’ so be prepared to be wowed once again by the Dirt’s forceful, passionate, chaotic sound at Homebake 2003.

They are Australia's originators of frantically mixing beats, live instruments, b-boys, scratches and raps into one all-out frenetic live show. They are the Resin Dogs. Fresh from recording their second gritty album “High Fidelity Dirt” , the local hip hop funkateers have confirmed they will be bringing their talent to Homebake this year. Their new release is crammed to the hilt with party tunes and scratchy, infectious funk ditties. Resin Dogs have signalled that they will be touring less often in the coming period - which means we are even more excited to present them live at Homebake in 2003.

There are many ways to rock, and Brisbane rock legends Screamfeeder have mastered them all. They’ve spent the past decade creating some of the best indie pop/rock this side of the equator and now the trio are producing the best music of their career so far. Their new album “Take You Apart” (featuring the singles ‘Ice Patrol’, ‘I Don’t Know What to Do Anymore’ & “1,2,3,4,5”) is their most upbeat record to date and has a new focus on tight rhythms, punchy production and rapid, volatile tracks. Screamfeeder will rock harder, louder, faster, more at this year’s Homebake!

Anyone who has seen Pete Murray perform already knows what the fans at Homebake are about to discover. Songs and singers as strong and individual as this only come along rarely, but the first thing that grips the attention is the warm, dark-honey texture of his voice. Even as a soulful whisper it conveys power, conviction, grace, all the cuts and bruises of a life fully lived. When he lets rip, the emotion crackles like a storm. With the arrival of his debut album “Feeler”, and on the back of a sold out national tour, it’s clear Pete Murray is that rare bird, an original who can’t be tied to any category except to say these are timeless songs, executed with vision and clarity, delivered with tenderness and passion and brilliantly sung.

The Butterfly Effect is an extremely powerful and polished four-piece hard rock band that evolved in 1999 out of Brisbane. Drawing influences from various alternative rock acts from the 80’s and 90’s The Butterfly Effect has formulated a sound that is musically fresh, energetic and vocally outstanding. Their repertoire includes power, passion, conviction and takes all who listen on a journey of emotional discovery. At Homebake this year The Butterfly Effect will surely build upon their reputation for being one of the most exciting live acts in Australia at present.

Sydney based Maya Jupiter is not your average MC, born in La Paz, Mexico she has travelled the world performing through her dancing and music. Her reputation for having one of the best live shows in Australian hip-hop and ability to rock a crowd has found her on stage next to international acts such as Kut Master Kurt, Black Eyed Peas, DJ CashMoney and many more. Maya’s natural talent has led to many accomplishments such presenting the hip-hop/r+b programme Soul Kitchen on Foxtel’s Channel V as well as hosting the successful SBS radio show, Alchemy every Saturday night. Maya Jupiter is certainly one up and coming artist in high demand so we are extremely excited to announce her involvement in Homebake in 2003. Maya has just released her debut album ‘Today’ featuring the hit single ‘Move’.

Slap the unusual words ‘Zephyr’ and ‘Timbre’ together and you get the name of a collective of musicians and vocalists who have a total dedication to creating tasty, beat-laden soundscapes filled with emotion and integrity. As well as supporting Jamiroquai nationally in 2002, Zephyr Timbre have shared the stage with the likes of Spearhead, Nelly Furtado, Blackalicious, Endorphin, george and Alex Lloyd. With their fresh and inventive sound, overwhelming record of achievements and drive towards creating music that’s out of the ordinary we are sure that Zephyr Timbre will make a huge impression at Homebake this year.

The Jesus & Mary Chain, Primal Scream, The Psychedelic Furs, The Pixies, My Bloody Valentine and Underground Lovers are bands that have both created & inspired discordant melodies that have captured the collective ears of an international community. For this reason, Homebake is enormously proud to present the very haunting, the very dark and light, the cool, stylish and the chaotically mysterious pop world of The Morning After Girls in 2003. Hailing from Melbourne and having recently released their debut EP “Straight Through You”, The Morning After Girls have been stirring interest far and wide as word of their most unique musical style seems to spread.

The release of their successful first album ‘Professional Againster’ in 2002 and subsequent high rotation on Triple J have earned Peabody new legions of fans. But Peabody has built their strong reputation from being one of the most dynamic live performers in the country over the past few years. We are excited to announce that Peabody is bringing their high-energy performances to Homebake this year.

From humble beginnings as a three piece playing in small, crowded underground bars and solemn Mormon weddings to a seven piece playing sell out shows in Australia and overseas, The Cat Empire are emerging as a real force in Australian music. Where hip hop meets reggae, where jazz is played with dirty hands, where a Cuban line meets an Aussie rule, where nothing seems in place, but sounds like many places played in one earthy chord. This is the island where The Cat Empire was born. And the next major forum for their increasingly acclaimed music will be on stage at this year’s HOMEBAKE.

Hot on the heels of the release of their self-titled debut EP, Perth outfit Little Birdy will be bringing their highly touted live performances to HOMEBAKE. Their new four song CD includes "Relapse", the haunting track that became the #1 most requested song on Triple J’s Net 50. In addition to their rapid radio success, Little Birdy has been receiving plenty of attention from the Australian music press. Rolling Stone picked them as one of the "Ten Artists To Watch", while Perth street mag X-Press said "they’ve got all the right ingredients to set the world alight". Little Birdy is a young, developing band that simply screams potential.

We are also excited to announce the participation of a unique artist who has been labelled as a one-man circus with a voice like Elvis, a body like Michael Hutchence and the smile of Dave Grohl. He is pure unadulterated electro-sexxx-power-rock-hip hop skill in all its evocative electronic glory. His name? Spod. His mission? To make punters at HOMEBAKE in 2003 writhe in sexual yearning and musical ecstasy in a way they never thought possible. With the recording of his debut album in March this year Spod has proved that he is definitely ‘one of a kind’ and a performer who is impossible to ignore.

We’ve all heard that catchy chorus repeating ‘James Brown’…an infectious & catchy tune by an act more synonymous with the dance world – although also showing their best as a full piece band. They are Offcutts and they are one of Melbourne’s finest. On the verge of releasing the new EP ‘Paper and Plastic’, the title refers to their own unique musical concept whereby ‘Plastic’ represents the electronic side of the band and ‘Paper’ is Offcutts incorporating guitars, bass, drums and rock n’ roll (and is the EP from which the new single ‘Break It’ is taken.). Let it be known that PAPER gives a good indication of what to expect when it comes to Offcutts revealing their many other styles – with ‘paper’ being the concept we are to see (& hear) at HOMEBAKE 2003.

Dallas Crane have built up an enviable reputation over the past seven years as one of Melbourne's, and Australia's, best live bands. In 2001, for example, the band won the major prize at the Australian Live Music Awards, which qualified them to travel to London in February 2002 to hold up the Aussie flag at the International Live Music Conference. Dallas Crane has attracted a strong, dedicated following over the years and they are sure to win even more fans when they perform at HOMEBAKE in 2003.

And now from New Zealand… Auckland based hardcore outfit Blindspott formed in 1997 before anyone had heard of Linkin Park or of using a DJ with rock music. With a staunch commitment to bad language and uncompromising in-your-face lyrics Blindspott set out on an assault course to win the hearts and minds of New Zealand with their trademark heavy rock sound. With their singles reaching into the Top Ten (& reaching platinum sales status) as well as having built up a loyal and devoted following Blindspott are now taking their assault across the Tasman to blow some minds and break some rules at HOMEBAKE this year.

What’s a young band to do when faced with the daunting task of trying to get on a major festival. We say DIY! And that’s exactly what this next band have done. Stemming from the sunny New South Wales central coast area, Best Kept Secret, have emerged as one of Australia’s premier pop/punk outfits. Featuring ex-One Dollar Short guitarist Tim Flaherty, the band did spend over 12 months in the rehearsal studio refining their sound before recording their EP: “Unorganised Crime”. Endless touring has resulted in a dedicated following and fanbase – and deservedly so. The Best Kept Secret sound is a unique blend of catchy hooks, driving melody, harmonious vocals and an energy that is rarely seen. The boys’ live shows have become notorious and have seen support slots with acts such as Grinspoon, The Porkers and Something With Numbers. So we are thrilled to be able to showcase their talent at HOMEBAKE in 2003.

We are also extremely pleased to announce that the Victorian Triple J Unearthed Winners for 2003, Second Dan have confirmed their attendance at the ninth HOMEBAKE festival. Second Dan formed in mid-2002 having been inspired by the emerging DIY ethos of the likes of The White Stripes, Pete Yorn and Badly Drawn Boy. Their ‘Running Out of Feelings’ EP is a truly stellar release; from the raw power and infectious hooks of the title track to the yearning emotion of ‘Everything is Good’ it showcases Second Dan’s unique and developing style.

Some say they have become a bit of a Melbourne phenomenon over the past year and there’s certainly been a huge buzz on this band since the release of their ‘Random Love’ EP. They are Riff Random and we can say that their riffs are definitely not random. With the track ‘Gimme Time’ receiving a ton of airplay, Riff Random are part of the wave of new young rock & rollers making an impact across Australia – although these guys know how to add a touch of punk to their style. We sure they will be tearing it up at HOMEBAKE 2003.


HOMEBAKE may not be a typical dance festival but we certainly do our best to put on Australia’s finest dance/electronic/beats/hip hop etc acts. HOMEBAKE 2003 isn’t short of a famous name in this category (PNAU, Resin Dogs, Katalyst, Downsyde etc) and to compliment these styles we are happy to once again include our small array of DJ’s.
So, amongst these fine electronic based acts, we are proud to present none other than the very famous BEXTA, the very hip BEN KORBEL, and the very cool ALEX TAYLOR – all spinning their discs in between the live beats. Our star DJ’s will feature late on in the day in the Big Top doing their thing alongside the big names.


Presented by Triple J, Channel V & Drum Media, it's a huge line up and we still have many superstars to announce - around 50 bands, performers, solo acts & DJ's in total. HOMEBAKE 2003 is destined to be one of the most exciting & finest music festivals of the summer period and will also feature a variety of extra activities and features including The Homebake Cinema Tent, our famous international food fare, a plethora of market and information stalls & much, much more. It's a full day packed to the brim with the hottest musical talent Australia has to offer and it's still the best value for money festival in town at only $70.00 + booking fee (extra changes apply via Ticketek).

IMC, Village Sounds, Triple J, Channel [V] & Drum Media Present


The Domain, Royal Botanic Gardens, Sydney City
Tickets on sale now.
Doors Open 11am. No age restrictions.
Please bring photo ID if you wish to drink alcohol.

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